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Design inSite is the Designer's guide to manufacturing. Various manufacturing processes and materials are described as well as the products where they are used. The purpose of Design inSite is to inspire designers in their designwork to consider materials and processes which are new or unknown to them. By being aware of the new possibilities already in an early stage of the development process new and innovative products will emerge.

The product and components examples can be searched based on different criteria ranging from technical properties to application area. Each product is described with text and photos or drawings and there are links to the relevant materials and processes. Economic consequences are described.

The present version include descriptions of about 190 products, 120 materials and 100 processes. The focus is on the more unconventional materials like polymers, bioplolymers, ceramics, composites, smart materials. Both traditional processes as well as newer processes like rapid prototyping techniques, powder metallurgy and surface treatment processes are covered.

Project manager and editor

Torben Lenau
Design inSite
Associate professor at Technical University of Denmark
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Technical staff Andrea Mazzilli
Thomas Nissen
Niki Bey


Ayoe Valentin, Architect, MAA
Jesper Becker, Industrial Designer MDD
Morten Thing, Industrial Designer
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Sponsor The development work was supported financially by the Danish Design Foundation.
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