Products Boat fender
The fender shows how PVC plastic gives an excellent protection against the agressive sea environment with saltwater and sunlight.

The air filled fender protects the side of the ship when mooring. The large material thickness means that the fender can resist large forces and rude treatments. The large thickness can be achieved thanks the use of rotation moulding process.
Danish Name Skibs fender
Category Outdoor equipment, Naval equipment
Materials PVC
Processes Rotation moulding
References Dan Hill Plast A/S
Keywords Ship
Hollow shape
Maritime environment
Price DKK 400,- (retail price for a medium size fender, 3/96)
Environ- mental notes Materials: See PVC. Production waste can be recycled and used to produce e.g. garden hoses.
Use / Transport: The fender is designed for very long lifetime in a rough maritime environment (salt water and UV-light).
Disposal: can be incenerated (see PVC)
Photo Dan Hill Plast
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