Products Flow, light weight stacking chair
This stacking chair shows that very low weight furniture can be made from more traditional materials like plywood. The present prototype weigths only 1560 grams. The final production version is estimated to weigh about 2 kg.

The flow chair is made as an aeroplane plywood skin glued to ribs of conventional plywood.
Danish Name Flow, letvægts stabelstol
Category Home & office, Furniture
Materials Aeroplane plywood in birch (seat and back)
Birch plywood (ribs)
Processes CNC-milling (bending grooves in seat)
Plywood moulding
Designer Jakob Berg
Keywords Furniture
Stacking chair
low weight
Indoor use
Environ- mental notes Use / Transport: The low weight results in lower energy consumption during transportation.
Disposal: Inceneration / landfill.
Photo Ole Akhøj
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