Products Dolphin, bicycle trailer
This bicycle trailer illustrates the outdoor use of different plastic materials. The black bottom part made by vacuum forming furthermore shows the good quality plastic surfaces that can be obtained at low investment costs.

The flexible top is made from PA textile together with transparent PVC windows.

The trailer weighs only 13 kg and offers dry transport of 2 small children as well as groceries. It was awarded the Danish ID-prize for good industrial design in 1997.
Danish Name Dolphin, cykelanhænger
Category Transport, Human powered vehicles
Materials HDPE (black bottom part)
PA (textile cover)
PVC (transparent windows)
Processes Vacuum forming
Extrusion & Bending (Aluminium tubes)
Steel die casting (fittings)
Designer Hans Hagerup (engineering)
Leif Hagerup (design)
References A. Winter A/S (producer)
Keywords Bicycle
Free form geometry
low weight
Out door use
Rainproof textile
Price 5000 DKK (retail price July 1997)
Environ- mental notes Use: The trailer is a realistic alternative to car transportation for families with children.
Disposal: The trailer is easily disassembled into its material fractions which then can be either recycled or incinerated.
Photo Leif Hagerup
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