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This "Wood Watch" wrist watch casing is made from Arboform® "liquid wood".

ARBOFORM® shows very little mould shrinkage. So it allows very tight manufacturing tolerances to be met. Creep properties are good which is utilized in the constant pressure from the springs in the watch casing.

Unlike the use of plastics, which show sink marks in the situation, there is no problem in changing wall thicknesses from 1 mm to, for instance, as much as 50 mm in one step.
Danish Name Træ armbåndsur
Category Personal items, accessories
Materials Arboform®
Processes Injection moulding
References Technaro GmbH
Keywords Wood
Skin contact
Environ- mental notes Creation: Arboform® is made from wood and is therefore a renewable ressource.
Use: Properties reminds of many plastics, but creep properties are better and lifetime can therefore be longer.
Disposal: Can be incenerated or biodegrated similar to wood.
Photo Technaro GmbH
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