Products Wheelchair ramp
The very light telescope ramp helps people in wheelchairs climb stairs. Disabled people can carry the ramp on the wheelchair and can furthermore place and remove it themselves.

The ramp is made of a sandwich structure made of a foamed material covered on both sides by a layer of carbon fibres reinforced epoxy. This structure gives good resistance to local loading as well as minimum weight.

The prototype ramp has an extended length of 1.75 m and weighs only 2.5 to 3 kg.
The ramp was awarded of the prize "Maskiningeniørenes Initiativfonds M-pris 1992".
Danish Name Rampe til kørestol
Category Health care, Equipment for disabled
Materials Carbon reinforced epoxy
Designer Engineers Morten Lassen and Grete Kornerup
References Risø, Department of Material Research
Keywords Healt care
Low weight
Photo Risø
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