Products Compostable bag
This compostable lawn and leaf bag is made of PLA.
It is designed expressly for collecting yard waste as part of municipal composting programmes, and offers an alternative to kraft paper collection bags.

Like kraft paper lawn and leafs bags, the biopolymer bags eliminate the need to separate bags from their contents at compost sites. Both degrade and are easy to print on.

Compared to paper bags advantages are: improved wet strength, better puncture resistance, visibility of content, ease of handling and closing, as well as compactness which minimises storage requirements.
Category Outdoor equipment
Materials PLA
Processes Blow moulding
References Cargill Dow Polymers LLC
Keywords Biopolymer
Price Competitive with the price of paper bags.
Environ- mental notes Use: Bags designed only for degradation through composting, and only for carrying leaves, grass etc. They should not be used for waste such as ashes etc.

Disposal: The bag biodegrades along with the leaves, grass and wood chips inside it to create a rich, organic humus that can be used as a soil nutrient.
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