Material Cast iron
Cast iron refers to a family of ferrous alloys composed of iron, carbon (2-4.5 %), and silicon (up to about 3.5 %). There are different common types of cast iron.

Gray cast iron is negligible ductile, brittle, and dampens vibrations. In gray cast iron the carbon has the form of graphite flakes.White cast iron is hard, wear resistant, and brittle. Here the carbon is bound in small very hard ceramic particles called cementite.

Ductile iron is ductile and shock resistant and is made by a heat treatment of gray cast iron where the graphite flakes change shape into small spheres. Malleable iron is strong, ductile and shock resistant.
Danish Name StÝbejern
Category Metals, Steels & irons
Products Motor housing
Cooking pot
Processes Sand casting
Additional Info Chemical symbol for iron (the dominant part of cast iron) is Fe, atomic number is 26, melting point is 1528 C, density 7.9.
Chemical symbol for carbon is C, atomic number is 6, density 2.3 (graphite).
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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