Material Lead
A heavy and soft metal. Used in ship keels and fishing nets sinkers to give weight.

Also used to insulate against radioactivity.

Earlier used around roof windows, since its softness makes it easy to shape it around the roof tiles. Previously also widely used for shot in shotguns. Now abandoned due to the poisones effect from lead.
Danish Name Bly (Latin: Plumbum)
Category Metals, Low melting metals
Products Boat keel
Fishnet sinker
Shot (shotgun)
Keywords High density
Environmen- tal notes Use: Lead is poisonous.

Disposal: Lead is poisonous and should therefore be recycled.
Additional Info Chemical symbol Pb, atomic number 82, melting point 327 C, density 11.4, very soft, recrystalises below room temperature.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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