Material Tin
Used as coating in foot tins and caseroles. Bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin.

Earlier used for household plates, mugs and canclestics, mainly due to the low melting point and following castability.

Pure tin is unstable below room temperature were it disintegrates into white powder (called tin pest). Therefore normally alloyed with small amounts of bismut, antimon and lead.
Danish Name Tin (Latin: Stannum)
Category Metals, Low melting metals
Products Drinking mug
Baking tin
Organ pipe
Environmen- tal notes Disposal: Tin is very undisirable as allying element in steel and should therefore be avoyded where the likely end-of-life scenario is a steel recycling plant.
Additional Info Chemical symbol Sn, atomic number 50, melting point 232 C, density 7.3, soft, recrystalises below room temperature.
Pure tin (more than 97% tin) is known as pewter.
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