Material Zinc
An inexpensive and weather proof material. Used for roofs on houses and roof gutters. Earlier used for kitchen zincs, but now replaced by stainless steel that is stronger, harder and more corrosion resistant.

Often used as protective coating on steel (galvanized) to improve corrosion resistance. Due to the low melting point and good castability it is often used in products with low strength requirements, like beer openers and door handles.

Zinc and copper are the 2 major alloying elements in brass.
Danish Name Zink
Category Metals, Low melting metals
Products Door handle
Beer opener
Roof gutter
Roof plate
Keywords Weather resistant
Additional Info Chemical symbol Zn, atomic number 30, melting point 419 C, boiling point 907 C, density 7.1, soft, recrystalises at room temperature.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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