Material Foamed aluminium
Very light aluminium structures can be formed using foamed aluminium. By mixing the aluminium with titanium hydride before casting, hydrogen gas foams the aluminium.

The surface is porous, but can be covered with an extra layer of solid aluminium. Unlike honeycombe aluminium structures, the material can be used within the same temperature range as solid aluminium, i.e. also at higher temperatures.
Danish Name Forskummet aluminium
Category Metals, Light metals
Products Motor housing
Similar materials Honeycomb
References Mepura
Alulight GmbH
Illichmann GmbH
Foamy metals
Shinko Wire Co Ltd.
Environmen- tal notes Foamed aluminium can be reprocessed similar to solid aluminium. Since it is possible to design very light weight products, with foamed aluminium significant energy savings are possible in the product's use phase.
Photo Mepura
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