Material Nickel-Titanium alloy
It is a Shape-Memory Alloy that, after being strained, at a certain temperature revert back to its original shape.

Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) alloy is the most used Shape Memory Alloy. It is an equiatomic compound of NiTi, whose transformation temperature can range between -100 and +110 C.

It has great shape-memory strain (up to 8%), is thermally stable, and has excellent corrosion resistance. Because of the reactivity of titanium, all melting of it must be done in a vacuum. Forging, bar rolling and extrusion are also used.
Category Metals
Products Stent for veins
Superelastic glasses
Coffeepot thermostat
Electrical connector
Processes Vacuum melting
Similar materials Shape memory alloys
Copper-base alloys
Iron-base alloys
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