Material UHMW-PE - Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
A polymer material composed of long chains with a very high molecular weight. UHMW-PE combines the traditional abrasion and cut resistance of metal alloys with the impact and corrosion resistance of synthetic materials.

Tough as a metal, self-lubricating and slippery.
UHMW-PE fibres have the tendency to elongate under load (creep). They are extremely low density, and they can float. Melting-point between 120 and 150 C.

Applications are being developed particularly in the areas of ballistic protection and ropes.
Danish Name UHMW-PE
Category Fibres, Synthetic fibres
Products Bullet-proof vest
Cut-resistant gloves
Psychiatric clothing
Processes Gel spinning
References DSM High Performance Fibres (DyneemaŽ)
Allied Signal (SpectraŽ)
Environmen- tal notes The material is inflammable.
Additional Info These fibres have a tensile strength 20 times greater than that of steel. Their free breaking length is around 330 km (steel breaks at 25, glass at 135, carbon at 195 and aramid at 235).
E-modulus 0.1-0.2 GPa; Tensile strength: 20-40 MPa.
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