Material 90 % Starch
Usually referred to as thermoplastic starch.
They are stable in oils and fats, however, depending on the type, they can vary from stable to unstable in hot/cold water. They can be processed by traditional techniques for plastics.

These materials consist mainly (>90%) of starch obtained from renewable natural sources. Colouring and flame retardant additives are possible.
Category Biopolymers
Products Starch-based tube
Degradable compost bags
Agricultural mulch film
Golf tees
Processes Most conventional plastic processes like:
Blow moulding
Injection moulding
References Biotec GmbH (Bioplast®)
NOVON International (NOVON®)
Price Prices vary from 20 to 40 DKK/kg
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Made of renewable natural sources.

Disposal: Depending on the grade, thermoplastic starch can degrade completely within five days in aqueous aerobic testing and in 45 days in a controlled compost, or can even decompose in water.

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