Material Foamed starch
Starch can be environmentally friendly blown into a foamed material using water steam.

Foamed starch is antistatic, insulating and shock absorbing, therefore a good replacement for polystyrene foam.

It can be used as packaging material or can be pressed into starch-based sheet for thin-walled products, such as trays, disposable dishes etc.
Category Biopolymers
Products Loose-fill
Disposable cup
Processes Water steam foaming
Similar materials Foamed PS
References Biotec GmbH (BiopurŪ)
National Starch & Chemical (Eco-FoamŪ)
Norel (EnvirofillTM)
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Foamed starch is 99% starch, which is a renewable resource found in corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, etc.
Foaming is performed using water steam instead of hydrocarbon-based blowing agents used for blowing PS.

Disposal: It dissolves when soaked with water leaving just a dilute corn starch solution. The solution is not toxic and is consumed by microbial life in about ten days, leaving only carbon dioxide and water.

It can also be re-used, recycled, incinerated, or composted along with other organic materials, since it decomposes very quickly.
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