Material Beryllium oxide - Beryllia
Beryllia (BeO) combines extremely high thermal conductivity, particularly at temperatures below 300C, excellent dielectric properties, corrosion resistance, and moderate mechanical strength.

BeO is one of the most expensive raw materials used in ceramics. This, plus its pulmonary toxicity if inhaled, tends to limit its use to those applications where its extraordinary properties are mandatory.

Major markets for beryllium oxide ceramics include several nuclear applications within a reactor, microwave tube parts, electronic substrates, discharge tubes for gas lasers, and metallurgical applications for melting rare earths.
Danish Name Berylliumoxid
Category Ceramics, Oxide ceramics
Processes Powder technology
References Johnson Matthey GmbH
Price It is one of the most expensive ceramic materials commercially available.
Environmen- tal notes Poisonous substance: if inhaled it is highly toxic and causes pulmonary problems.
Additional Info Colour: white;
Max. use temperature: 1900C;
E-modulus: 345 GPa;
Thermal conductivity: (@ 20C) 250 W/mK; (@ 500C) 55 W/mK.
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