Material Aluminum nitride
Aluminium nitride (AlN) combines thermal conductivity (2-3 times that of aluminium oxide), strength, and heat resistance, and therefore can be useful as industrial refractory material.

Applications are just beginning to develop in the metallurgical area (e.g. crucible for molten metals), electronics (substrates), and as refractory bricks for environments where high thermal conductivity under high stress is required.

To make a sintered aluminium nitride product there are several methods, such as standard pressure sintering, reaction-sintering, or hot pressing.
Danish Name Aluminiumnitrid
Category Ceramics, Nitride ceramics
Processes Powder technology
References Atlantic Equipment Engineers
H.C. Starck GmbH & Co. KG
Johnson Matthey GmbH
Price Aluminium nitride powder (99, 9% purity) can be purchased for 1000 DKK/kg. Depending on the quantities and the grade purchased, prices can be higher (up to 1400 DKK/kg).
Additional Info Oxidation of AlN in air will occur at temperatures above 700C. A layer of aluminum oxide protects the nitride to a temperature of 1370C.
Max. use temperature: 800 C (oxidising);
E-modulus: 435 GPa;
Thermal conductivity: 140-170 W/mK.
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