Material Glass-bonded mica
Glass bonded mica is a ceramoplastic material bridging the gap between high temperature engineering plastic and lower temperature ceramics. It is made by modification of the natural mineral mica.

It is mouldable and machinable, and can be net-shaped by injection moulding. As it has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of many metals, it can accomodate moulded-in metal inserts. Thin-walled sections can be achieved.

It has dimensional and physical stability up to 350 C (more than any thermoplastic material); it is resistant to solvents, electrical insulator, and suitable for high or low temperature applications.
Category Ceramics, Other ceramics
Products Lighting component
Processes Plastic technology
Powder technology
Similar materials Thermoplastics
References Morgan Matroc Limited
Environmen- tal notes Unlike organic materials, it does not burn nor produces smoke.
Photo Morgan Matroc Limited
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