Material Titanium carbide
Like all the other carbide ceramics, titanium carbide (TiC) has a very high melting-point (3100 C), is extremely hard and strong, and electrical conductive. Exposure to an oxidising atmosphere causes oxidation into CO2 and a metal oxide.

Because of its hardness and wear resistance it is mainly used for cutting tool tips, dies, and wear resistant coatings.
Danish Name Titankarbid
Category Ceramics, Carbide ceramics
Products Cutting insert
Processes Powder technology
Surface coating
Similar materials Tungsten carbide
References Atlantic Equipment Engineers
Johnson Matthey GmbH
Price Titanium carbide powder (99.9% purity) can be purchased for 400 DKK/kg. Depending on the quantities and the grade purchased, prices can be higher (up to 1500 DKK/kg).
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