Material Electroluminescent materials
Electroluminescent materials produce a brillant light of different colours when stimulated electronically (e.g. by AC current). While emitting light no heat is produced.

Like a capacitor the materials is made from an insulating substance with electrodes on each side. One of the electrodes is transparent and allows the light to pass. The insulating substance that emits the light can be made of zinc sulphide or a combinatio

They can be used for making light stripes for decorating buildings, or for industrial and public vehicles safety precautions.
Category Responsive (smart) materials, Light emitting materials
Products Theater decoration
Arrow light decoration
References Light and Motion GmbH
RSA Lighting
Environmen- tal notes Use: Energy consumption is low since no heat is generated. Lifetimes are quite long and the material is robust.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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