Elastomers & Rubbers

Elastomers are amorphous polymers whose structure is tightly twisted or curled. They are very flexible and elastic, which means that they can undergo large elastic deformations without ruptures and recover substantially in shape and size after the load has been removed.

Elastomers are generally resistant to oil and fuel, impermeable to liquids and gases, but tend to deteriorate by oxidation.

Like plastics elastomers are either thermoplastic material (they can be remelted) or thermoset material (that cannot be remelted). Rubber is an older name for elastomers.

Price In the detailed description of elastomer materials, cost is indicated as either low (less than 10 DKK pr. kg), medium (10-20 DKK pr. kg) or high (more than 20 DKK pr. kg).

More specific material prices are indicated above. The prices are only meant as guiding figures. Prices vary significantly for different material purity and for different types of raw material (plate, wire, granulate, etc.).
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