Internet links & papers Advanced polymer matrix composites
Artificial spider silk
Atlantic Equipment Engineers
Biodegradable Polymers in Japan
Biopolymers (journal)
Biopolymers (paper)
Composite Design & Manufacturing Critiquing System
Composite glossary (OSHA)
The Corning Museum of Art
Danish furniture on line
EDO ceramics
Emerging Smart Materials Systems
Foamy metals
Global Composites
Glossary of frequently used carpet terms
Intelligent gels
Intelligent Materials
International Thermoelectric Inc.
Introduction to yarn manufacturing
Is glass liquid or solid?
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Low mass muscle actuator
Machine Design On-line
Magneto-Rheological Fluid Technology
Materials by Design
Owens Corning
PHB production
Piezoelectric materials
Piezoelectric polymers
Plast Panorama
Plastics Museum
Plastics News
Plastics Technology Center
Polymer Composite in Japan
Self-assembling materials
Seminar of materials: textiles
Shape Memory Applications Inc.
Smart composites
Smart materials workshop
Smart Tagged Composites
Starch loose-fill (ECO-FOAM)
Stereolithography and other RP&M Technologies
Technical Textiles Web
Thermoplastic tape winding
ViMS (Visualizations in Material Science)
Books and magazines A Concise Introduction to Ceramics
Ceramic Matrix Composites
Design with plastics
Handbook of Design for Manufacturing
Introduction to Fine Ceramics
Introduction to Powder Technology
Manufacturing Processes Reference Guide
Maskin ståbi
Metallurgi for ingeniører
Modern Ceramic Engineer
Modern Refrigeration Practice
Plast og gummi ståbi
Databases CenBASE/Materials on WWW
HFB, Håndbog for bygningsindustrien
Mikromarc Library System

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