Center for design at RMIT.
The Australian national research center for environmental design.

The Centre for Sustianable Design
UK based cetre that facilitates discussion and research on eco-design and broader sustainability considerations in product and service development.

DEMI guide to design for sustainability
Web-ressource at Goldsmiths College, University of London that among other things presents a gallery with about 50 examples of sustainable products and concepts.There are also descriptions of a number of materials and lifecycle processes ranging from textiles, timber, electronic products, transport, buildings, furniture, polymers and packaging

Ecomarket, Ecodesign gallery, O2 Global Network.
An European environmental site. Includes 14 product case studies (O2).

A newsletter from the Canadian National Office of Polution Prevention, with focus on lifecycle matters. Includes a profile of 37 and a review of 5 LCA-software systems.

Ecoweb - Mad og miljø på internettet.
A WEB site from an association of Danish organic organizations, institutions and companies. Includes a guide / telefonebook of where to buy organic products. (Mainly i Danish)

EEA - European Environment Agency. Among other things include a facility to locate environmental information and data.

Flints internet store. An internet based shop for organic products.

Green information
(Grøn information) Endconsumer environmental information about many daily use products (in Danish).

The foundation for sustainable production and consumption, Norway.

An international network of designers engaged in sustainability.

Nordic network for sustainable design.

PRé - Product Ecology Consultants.
Produces the Eco-indicator 95 design tool and the Simapro LCA tool.

Sustainable design (of textiles)
(Bæredygtig design (af textiler))

The green web guide

The national consumer agency of Denmark.
(Forbrugerstyrelsen) Har bla. udgivet en rapport om miljøbelastningen ved familiens aktiviteter, som kan downloades.

United Nations Environment Programme..

Litterature Design, materialer, miljø: Håndbog fra O2 Danmark, Borgens Forlag, 1993.
Sevaral interesting green product examples (in Danish)

Dorethy Mackenzie: Green Design - Design for the Environment, 1991.
Good introductory reading about sustainable design. Many good pictures of interesting cases.

Jesper Olesen, Henrik Wenzel, Lars Hein, Mogens Myrup Andreasen: Miljørigtig konstruktion, UMIP - Udvikling af miljøvenlige industriprodukter, Miljøstyrelsen 1996.
Describes in detail how to incorporate environmental decisions in integrated product development work. (in Danish)

Rikkamaria Paakkunainen: Textiles and the environment, Europeans Design Centre, Eindhoven, July 1995.
About environmental considerations in textile design.

Sim van Der Ryn, Stuart Cowan: Ecological Design, Island Press 1996.

Henrik Wenzel, Michael Hauschild, Elisabeth Rasmussen: Miljøvurdering af produkter, UMIP - Udvikling af miljøvenlige industriprodukter, Miljøstyrelsen 1996.
Comprehensive description of the UMIP LCA - lifecycle assesment method. (in Danish, also available in English)

Henrik Wenzel (red): Miljøvurdering i produktudviklingen - 5 eksempler, UMIP - Udvikling af miljøvenlige industriprodukter, Miljøstyrelsen 1996.
5 examples of the use of the UMIP LCA - method. (in Danish)

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