Process MJM - Multi Jet Modelling
A fairly fast and inexpensive RPT technique (comparable to FDM). Presently only waxy materials (fragile) can be processed. Is often used for lost wax castings of metal parts.

MJM works similarly to an inkjet printer. Small droplets of material are accelerated onto the surface of the part in layers. A printer head with up to 96 nozzles is used.

Dimensions typically lie within 250 * 250 * 250 mm. MJM is also called Balistic Particle Manufacturing (BPM) and Droplet Deposition Manufacturing.
Danish Name MJM (Lagvis dråbesprøjtning)
Category Joining processes, rapid prototyping
Materials Wax
Typical products Portable radio
Toy story character
References Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Product Development
Price notes This is the most inexpensive RPT. Small parts cost as little as 1000 DKK.
Keywords RPT
Rapid prototyping
Additive manufacturing
Free form
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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