Process LBP - Liquid binding powder (3D print)
A thin layer of powder is distributed evenly on a print platform. Hereafter an inkjet like print head deposits a binding solution onto the powder where the partís cross-section is present. Afterwards the print platform lowers and the process is repeated.

The use of powder eliminates the need for support when building overhanging features since the powder itself acts as a support material.

Multiple jets can be used for depositing binding solution of different colors (CMYK) and hereby making it possible to produce full colored parts.
Danish Name Pulverprint, 3d print
Category RPT - Rapid prototyping
Materials Plaster
Typical products House (z corp)
Student models at DTU
References Z Corporation
Ex One
Price notes A low cost method. Low requirements to working environment.
Keywords RPT
Rapid prototyping
Additive manufacturing
3d print
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