Process Superplastic forming
This is an alternative to conventional drawing of sheet metal when free form geometry is desired. Tooling costs are much less but processing times larger (hours) and it is therefore used for small batches e.g. sportscar body parts.

Only the female part of the die is needed. The metal plate is fixed to the die, heated and moderate air pressure is added. Slowly over a couple of hours the plate will be pressed into the die by the air pressure.

Only special types suplerplastic metals (aluminium, titanium and stainless steel) can be used. Improved properties can be achieved using age hardening.
Danish Name Superplastisk formning
Category Mass conserving processes, Sheet metal 3d shaping
Materials Aluminium (special superplastic type)
Titanium (special superplastic type)
Stainless steel (special superplastic type)
Typical products Sprotscar body part
Underground train front
Price notes Fairly low tool costs but long processing times (hours)
Keywords Free form sheet metal
Automotive body parts
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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