Process Hot isostatic pressing - HIP
Hot isostatic pressing is used when great uniformity is required, and where net-shape production (of also intricate and complex shapes) leads to economical advantages (e.g. metal alloys for aerospace applications, and complex ceramic parts).

The process is analogous to CIP.
The apparatus is a high-temperature furnace enclosed in a water-cooled autoclave capable of withstanding high pressures and providing a uniform hot-zone temperature (up to 2000 C). Pressurization gas is argon or helium.

The sinter-HIP version of the process achieves improved strength and wear resistance of some ceramics or ceramic composites materials for cutting tools and other applications. Here the part is previously sintered and then HIP is applied.
Category Mass conserving processes, Powder technology
Materials Ceramics
Metal powders
Typical products Head cup for hip prostheses
Turbine rotor
Competing processes Cold isostatic pressing - CIP
Other pressing methods
References Modern Ceramic Engineer
Additional info Very costly process.
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