Process Air spray painting
Air spray painting gives good finishing results (e.g. cars, furniture), and protection through spraying of water based zinc-silicates. Penetration is not very good, and therefore the process is not suited for first coatings.

Paint is atomized (comminuted in very small drops) by the air flow, and then applied on the substrate.
Risk of overspraying which results in material waste.
Danish Name Luftsprøjte
Category Surface treatments, Painting
Materials Acrylic paints
Typical products Video front panel
References Bjerrum Nielsen Holding ApS
Price notes Painting a car door by air spraying may cost about 800-850 DKK. 90% of the price is due to labour, and 4-5% to the drying process which involves heating of the part. The remaining 6% is due to the paint (4.5%) and the hardner (1.5%).
Price date November 1996
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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