Process PACVD - Plasma Assisted CVD
Plasma assisted CVD has been developed to combine the good adhesion of CVD and the low temperatures of PVD, while avoiding their typical drawbacks (high temperature with deformations and poor adhesion, respectively.)

Using microwaves or an electric field a plasma is created. The energy for starting the chemical reactions generating the coating layer comes from the collision of the plasma ions and electrons.

Temperatures are lowered to 200-300 C, limiting deformations. Sometimes it is even necessary to raise a little the temperature to achieve better adhesion.
PACVD is presently used mostly for deposition of diamond films.
Danish Name PACVD
Category Surface treatments, Gas-phase deposition
Materials Coating materials:
Other ceramics (see PVD and CVD)
Competing processes PVD
References Deutsche Geselleshaft für oberflächen technik
Additional info Although not very diffused yet, in the near future PACVD will be used for more applications due to its many advantages.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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