Process Nitrocarburising
Nitrocarburising depicts a series of processes suitable for wear-stressed parts, with low surface loadings (e.g. gearwheels), and for many of the applications of nitriding.

Nitrocarburised parts don't need post-treatments as only finished substrates are treated.

There are 4 main methods: Nitemper and Nitroc (based on gas diffusion), Tenifer and Sulfinuz (based on salt bath). The process temperature is of about 570 C, and the time required ranges between 1 and 4 hours.
Danish Name Nitrokarburering
Category Surface treatments, Thermal diffusion processes
Materials Substrates:
Plain carbon steel
Low alloyed carbon steels
Typical products Bushing
Process type Plant cost (M DKK) Productivity (Kg/h) Variable cost (DKK/Kg)
Gas diffusion 1.2 100 1
Salt bath 1.5 90 1.25
Large (Thermos) 240 7 3
Price date November 1996
Environmen- tal notes Nitrocarburising processes based on salt baths have many environmental problems because baths contain cyanid.
The salt bath needs particular maintenance.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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