Foresight Safe Haven 2011+

(Safe) Haven 2011+ is the first edition of the publication The Future Tool. This first issue investigates one of the strongest emotive trends today: our need to feel safe in an increasingly uncertain world. How - and with what - do we establish our comfort zones, when we constantly are challenged to re-evaluate our moral, physical and social boundaries in a society driven by growing financial uncertainty, explosive scientific advances, spiralling forays in communication and real terror threats on our doorsteps?

(Safe) Haven 2011+ explores how to address this emotive need through the design language, the usage of specific tactile experiences and the choice of materials. This insight is visualized in a trend book with moods, detailing references, colour and texture charts, supported by a box with an extensive range of tangible samples of the most recent material developments, all related to the trend theme.

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Safe Haven 2011+

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