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The main text must not exceed 60 words and can be divided into three paragraphs. First describe what makes the subject of description interesting, important and special. Justify why it is described in Design inSite.

Then a basic principle can be explained, e.g. the function of a process, how the product works or the structure of the material.

Always remember that the target group is designers that are more interested in what the material / process can be used for rather than technical details.

Danish Name Her skrives den danske oversættelse af titlen (write the Danish translation of the title).
Language Language used in Design inSite is British English. See also the more detailed language instructions.
Category List the superior categories for the subject, e.g. for the material Aluminium: Metals, light weight metals. Please consult the list of contents.
Products List the names of products that illustrate typical (as well as unusual) applications. This option applies to material and process descriptions.
Processes List the names of the processes used to produce the product. The list need not be complete, but only processes relevant for the actual description should be mentioned. This option also applies to descriptions of materials.
Designer Names of industrial designers responsible for the design of the product could be mentioned here.
References Names of companies that produce the product. For processes and materials relevant literature or important knowledge centres could be named.
Keywords Mainly used for products and to a lesser extent materials, processes and references. List relevant keywords that characterize the subject of description. Please consult the list of names and keywords on the search page.
Photo Please give credit to the photographer or the person that made the illustration. Remember to get the necessary permissions.
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