Products Monkey, toy figure
This toy monkey is not assembled from separate pieces, but produced on a single machine in three operations.

First the light coloured part of the head is moulded in PP plastic. A section of the moulding die is then changed, leaving cavities for the brown helmet around the head and for the arms and legs. Helmet, arms and legs are then moulded in brown PP plastic.

Finally another section of the die is changed leaving a cavity for the body, which then is moulded using brown PBT plastic. PBT plastic do not mix whith PP plastic.
Danish Name Legetøjsabe
Category Sport & leisure, Toys
Materials PBT (body)
PP (head, arms and legs)
Processes Multicolour injection moulding
References Ferromatic Milacron A/S
Keywords Toys
Photo Ole Akhøj
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