Products World champion canoe
The canoe was used to win the 1990's marathon single canoe world championship in Nottingham.
It weighs only 6,5 kg even though it is 5,2 m long and 0,75 m wide.

The canoe is made of an advanced sandwich of composite plastic: a carbon/kevlar reinforced epoxy on a core of PVC-foam.
Danish Name Ultralet kano
Category Sport & leisure
Materials Carbon-aramid reinforced epoxy
PVC-foam (core)
Processes Hand lay-up
Designer World champion and Engineer Stig Jepsen
References Risų, Department of Material Research
Keywords Low weight
Sport & leisure
Environ- mental notes Creation: Possible working environmental problems in using epoxy.

Disposal: It is disposed through incineration, with possible problems due to the PVC foam.
Photo Risų
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