Material Hybrid composites
Hybrid composites are those composites which have a combination of two or more reinforcement fibres.

The most common hybrid composites are carbon-aramid reinforced epoxy (which combines strength and impact resistance) and glass-carbon reinforced epoxy (wich gives a strong material at a reasonable price).

Hybrid composites are usually used when a combination of properties of different types of fibres wants to be achieved, or when longitudinal as well as lateral mechanical performances are required.
Danish Name Hybrid kompositter
Category Composites, fibre reinforced composites
Products World champion canoe
Fishing rod, composite
Bicycle, composite
Similar materials Aramid fibre
Carbon fibre
Glass fibre
References Risų, Department of Material Research
Sportex GmbH & Co.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Handling of epoxy can be harmful for health. (See epoxy).

Use: -

Disposal: Very difficult to reuse, but can be incinerated.
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