Material Carbon fibre
Carbon fibres are the stiffest and strongest reinforcing fibres for polymer composites, the most used after glass fibres.
Made of pure carbon in form of graphite, they have low density and a negative coefficient of longitudinal thermal expansion.

Carbon fibres are very expensive and can give galvanic corrosion in contact with metals.
They are generally used together with epoxy, where high strength and stiffness are required, i.e. race cars, automotive and space applications, sport equipment.

Carbon fibres are produced by the PAN or the pitch methods.
The PAN method separates a chain of carbon atoms from polyacrylnitrile (PAN) through heating and oxidation.
Pitch method pulls out graphite threads through a nozzle from hot fluid pitch.
Danish Name Kulfiber
Category Fibres, Inorganic fibres
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Processes PAN process
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References Lars Hallkvist ApS
Price Carbon fibres are the most expensive reinforcing fibres. The price for weaved mats is about 500 DKK/kg.
Price level: December 1997
Additional Info E-modulus: ca. 250-830 GPa
Tensile strength: 2000-5000 MPa.
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