Material Carbon reinforced PEEK
This is one of the best thermoplastic composite presently on the market because it combines toughness, strength, stiffness of thermoplastic PEEK, and carbon fibres. It is very easy to process thanks to the thermoplastic matrix.

The material has a brilliant resistance against wear, fatigue, as well as good thermal stability, and low weight.
It is often used for engine parts or where high strength is required.

Carbon reinforced PEEK is very expensive because both PEEK and carbon fibres are expensive, but it is more friendly to the environment than thermosettings matrix composites.
Danish Name Kulfiberforstærket PEEK
Category Composites, fibre reinforced composites
Products Satellite box
Car door
Processes Most used:
Autoclave injection moulding
Injection moulding
Similar materials Carbon fibre
References Risø, Department of Material Research
Price December 1997: For 60 % carbon fibre reinforced PEEK, random fibres orientation, price is about 530 DKK/kg.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Being PEEK a thermoplastic, it is less harmful for health than thermosetting resins used in other composites materials.

Use: PEEK is not as harmful to the environment as thermosetting resins.

Disposal: Possibility to reuse the material, thanks to the thermoplastic matrix.
Additional Info E-modulus: ca. 137 GPa
Tensile strength: ca. 2130 MPa
The properties of the material can vary according to the content and the orientation of the fibres.
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