Process Autoclave moulding
The process takes place in an autoclave, where it is possible to create pressure and heat at the same time.
Layers of pre-impregnated fibres (prepreg) are piled with varying fibre orientation, to form the desired thickness above the forming tool.

The prepreg is pressed down to the forming tool by pressure. Following heating hardens the matrix and the laminate gets the desired shape.

The process is very versatile and gives a very uniform quality, as pressure and heat can be regulated very precisely. Any geometry can be produced. On the other hand, it is very costly and time requiring.
Danish Name Autoklavestøbning
Category Mass conserving processes, Shaping plastics
Materials Carbon reinforced epoxy
Carbon reinforced PEEK
Glass reinforced UP
Glass reinforced phenol
Typical products Aircraft wing
Bicycle frame
High-tech race car
References Risø, Department of Material Research
Price notes Tooling cost are low, but the processing equipment are expensive and cycle times are high.
Additional info This process is used within aircraft and high-texchnology industries, as well as for development and research of new materials.

Size of the series: small to medium.
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