Material Glass reinforced resins
Glass reinforced resins are the most used composites. They have a low price combined with good mechanical strength. The most used matrices are epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

Epoxy has the best mechanical properties, good thermal resistance, but it is difficult to process and relatively expensive.
UP is very easy to process and cheap.
Vinylester combines the advantages of EP and UP, as well as a good chemical resistance.
Danish Name Glasfiberforstærket harpiks
Category Composites, fibre reinforced composites
Products Flywheel (EP)
Car bonnet (UP)
Ladder (UP)
Motorboat (UP)
Pedestrian bridge (UP)
Soda stream pressure container (EP)
Stairs & railing (Vin.)
Processes Most used:
Hand lay-up
Matrix injection - RTM
Autoclave injection moulding
Filament winding
Injection moulding
Similar materials Glass fibre
UP - polyester
References Fiberline Composites A/S
Jotun Danmark A/S
Jupiter Plast A/S
Price December 1997: Prices vary according to the matrix. The cheapest is glass reinforced polyester which costs about 15 DKK/kg.
The most expensive is glass reinforced epoxy (ca. 30 DKK/kg). Glass reinforced vinylester has an in-between price.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Handling of epoxy can be harmful for health. (See epoxy).

Use: -

Disposal: Very difficult to reuse, but can be incinerated.
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