Process Filament winding
Process suited for the production of strong and reatively thin (max. 2,5 o/oo of diameter) hollow composite parts with a rotational symmetry, such as tubes, containers, masts and wings.The inside surface is very smooth but outside surfaces are rougher.

The fibre material (a preformed tape or a hybrid thread) is wound from a reel on a mandrel, after having being wetted in the matrix bath. The mandrel is heated and exposed to pressure. After cooling the part can be removed.

It is a low cost process that gives a very uniform quality.
It has a medium cycle time per part, and produces small to medium series.
Danish Name Vikling af fiberplast
Category Mass conserving processes, Shaping plastics
Materials Most used:
Aramid reinforced epoxy
Carbon reinforced epoxy
Glass reinforced UP
Glass reinforced PEEK
Typical products Bicycle frame
Fishing-rod, composite
Oxygen bottle
Windsurfing boom
Fuel tank, military aircraft
References Risų, Department of Material Research
Owens Corning
LM-Glasfiber A/S
Price notes Low cost process.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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