Material Aramid reinforced epoxy
This material has an incredible combination of excellent mechanical properties and low weight. The epoxy matrix gives the material chemical and heat resistance, while aramid fibres give it toughness and hardness.

Due to its hardness and impenetrability, this material is used e.g. for front edges of aircraft wings, or for armouring police cars doors.

It is costly, and post-processing is difficult because of the hardness of aramid fibres.
Danish Name Aramidfiberforstærket epoxy
Category Composites, fibre reinforced composites
Products Oxygen bottle
Police car door
Processes Most used:
Filament winding
Hand lay-up
Matrix injection - RTM
Similar materials Aramid fibre
References Lars Hallkvist ApS
Price December 1997: ca. 280 DKK/kg.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Handling of epoxy can be harmful for health. (See epoxy).

Additional Info E-modulus: ca. 75 GPa
Tensile strength: ca. 2000 MPa
The properties of the material can vary according to the content and the orientation of the fibres.
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