Material Aramid fibre
Aramid fibres are known for their large hardness and resistance to penetration. Thanks to their toughness aramid fibres are used where high impenetrability is required, e.g. bulletproof vests, bike tyres, airplanes wings, and sport equipment.

These fibres are not as spread as glass or carbon fibres, mostly because of their cost, high water absorption, and their difficult post-processing.

They are produced from PPTA . Immersed in a strong acid at -50 C, PPTA forms liquid crystals. The liquid is pulled through a nozzle at 200 C: the acid evaporates and the crystals get oriented. Finally, the fibres are stretch out at 500 C.
Danish Name Aramid
Category Fibres, Synthetic fibres
Products See
Aramid reinforced epoxy
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References DuPont (KevlarŪ)
Price Very high costly fibres. The price for weaved mats is about 400 DKK/kg.
Price level: December 1997
Additional Info E-modulus: ca. 130 GPa
Tensile strength: ca. 3,600 MPa
The properties of aramid fibres depend on the manufacturing conditions.
PPTA is the acronym for para-phenylen-terephthalamid.
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