Products Pedestrian bridge
The 40 meter long bridge is made of glass reinforced UP and weighs about 13 tonnes, half the the weight of a similar steel construction.

The bridge was assembled in only 18 night hours (3 nights) on site in Kolding, Denmark. Uninfluenced by rain, salt and frost, the bridge is expected to last approx. 100 years.

The bridge has a load-carrying capacity of 500 kg/m2, allowing snow clearing vehicles to pass.
Danish Name Fodgængerbro
Category Buildings, Construction
Materials Glass reinforced UP
PUR plastic (cosmetic coating)
Processes Pultrusion
Bolt assembly
Designer Architect Jørgen Micheelsen, Kolding City

Responsible for the bridge project: Kolding City
Contractor: C.S.Christensen & Kaj Sørensen A/S
Design and engineering: Rambøll.
References Fiberline A/S (pultruded profiles)
Owens Corning (glass fibres)
Jotun Polymer AS (UP plastic)
Keywords Bridge
Chemical resistance
High stiffness
High strength
Low weight
Load bearing structure
Long lifetime
Out door use
Ageing resistance
Price 2.4 million DKK, incl. materials, production, assembly and engineering design. This total cost is similar to a steel or a concrete bridge.
Environ- mental notes Creation: Energy consumption for raw materials, production and assembly is between 1/2 and 1/4 of a comparable steel construction.

Use: The excellent durability of the material ensures a long lifetime.

Disposal: The material can be incinerated or chopped into small pieces and used as filler material e.g. in car bumbers.
Additional information More information in
Plastpanorama 1997 vol. 47 7+8, p.6-10
(in Danish)
Reinforced Plastics, Sep. 1997, vol 41, no.8, p.30-33 (in English).
Photo Fiberline Composites A/S
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