Material PUR - Polyurethane
PUR is found in a variety of forms ranging from stiff to soft types. Stiff PUR is used for casings and modelling material (artificial wood). Softer rubber-like PUR is used for handtools.

Expanded PUR is used for mattresses and car inner panels where it both forms the foam and the leather-like skin. Expandable insulation foam and moisture hardening glue are also made from PUR.

Large parts are often made from PUR due to low tooling cost. In general it has excellent outdoor performance and resistace to most acids and solvents.
Danish Name PUR - Polyurethan
Category Plastics, Thermosetting
Products Mil-Tek high pressure cleaner
Panton chair
Shoe soles
Diva (n) paradox
Genoa stacking chair
Processes Reaction injection moulding
Similar materials Most thermoplastic materials, especially PVC
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Uncured PUR is allergy provocating and must not be in contact with the skin.

Use: PUR has good durability - also outdoors - which makes long lifetime possible.

Disposal: PUR can be incinerated mainly producing H2O and CO2 but also NOx. Heating value is poor. Reuse is only possible as filling material.
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