Process Reaction injection moulding - RIM
Similar to injection moulding except that normally thermosetting plastics are used. Often foamed parts with solid skin are produced.

Two or more kinds of fluid plastics are mixed, often without being heated, and then injected into a mould where the mixture solidifies.

Stiffness of the parts produced can be increased using different kinds of fibre reinforcement.
Danish Name ReaktionsstÝbning
Category Mass conserving processes, Shaping plastics
Materials PUR plastic
Other types of two-component thermosetting plastics
Typical products Automobile bumper
Panton chair
Mil-Tek High Pressure Cleaner
Shoe soles
Genoa stacking chair
Competing processes Injection moulding
References Aarslev Polymerindustri A/S
Tinby A/S
Price notes Moulding costs are relatively low (10,000-50,000 DKK) but cycle time moderate (5 min. and up).
Price date 1997
Additional info Moulding tools can be cast in aluminium based on low-cost plaster/silicon models.

Tension within foamed parts is fairly low.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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