Products Mil-Tek high pressure cleaner
This pneumatic high pressure cleaner has a sealed surface that is easy to clean. This makes it suitable for use within food and fodder industries.

It is furthermore an example of how several functional units can be integrated and produced in a single moulding (soft ergonomic handle, flexible trigger, assembly of all internal parts).

The material is foamed PUR plastic and the production process is reaction injection moulding which gives the advantage of a relatively low tooling cost.
Danish Name Mil - Tek Trykluftrenser
Category Technical, Tools
Materials PUR plastic
Processes RIM reaction injection moulding
Designer Harrit & Sørensen Design I/S
References Mil-Tek (producer)
Aarslev Polymerindustri A/S (RIM moulding)
Keywords Tools
Wear resistancy
Integrated functions
Price DKK 5.800,- (excl. vat)
Environ- mental notes Disposal: PUR foam and metalparts can be disassembled manually and the PUR material can then either be incenerated or recycled as filler material.
Photo Kristian Krogh
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