Products Cellular phone housing
This housing for cellular phones is made of plastics. Through chemical metallisation, the part is coated with a layer of copper, which allows for electromagnetic shielding, and nickel, which supplies corrosion and wear resistance.

Chemical metallisation enables selective-coating of the part, as in the case shown, where only the inner surface is coated.
Danish Name Mobiltelefon hus
Category Technical, Electronics
Materials Plastic (body)
Processes Injection moulding
Chemical metallisation
References Siegfrid Schaal GmbH & Co.
Keywords Plastics
Electromagnetic shielding (EMC)
Corrosion resistance
Abrasion resistance
Environ- mental notes Plated plastic parts can be recycled as the metal layers and the plastic substrate can be separated.
Photo Siegfrid Schaal GmbH & Co.
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