Process Chemical metallisation
Suitable for high level of electromagnetic shielding of plastics (copper-layer) and for oxidation and abrasion resistance (nickel-layer). It supplies very complicated shapes with very uniform coatings (1.25-2.5 micron thick). Suitable for mass-production.

A copper layer and a nickel layer are chemically deposited on a plastic body previously sprayed and etched.
This process is very used in the aeronautic, automotive, and electronic fields.
Danish Name Kemisk metallisering
Category Surface processes, Plating
Materials Plastics (substrate)
Typical products Cellular phone housing
Competing processes Painting (Ag, Cu, Ni)
Electrical-arc spraying (zinc)
References ARC 3D
Siegfrid Schaal GmbH & Co.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: No use of chromic-sulphoric acid, harmful for the environment.

Disposal: Plated plastic parts can be recycled, as metal layers and plastic can be separated.
Additional info Deposition rate ranges between 10 and 25 micron/h.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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