Material Steel
Steel is an alloy of iron and maximum 2.1% carbon. The strength increases with the contents of carbon. Low-carbon steel (less than 0.3 % carbon) is generally used for common industrial products such as nuts, sheets and tubes.

Medium carbon steel (0.3 to 0.6 % carbon) is stronger than low carbon steel and used for automotive and machinery applications.

High carbon steel (more than 0.6 % carbon), is strong, hard, and wear resistant and is used for cutting tools, springs and cutlery.
Danish Name Stål
Category Metals, Steels & irons
Products Ensamble chair
Baking tin
Window furniture
Toothed wheel
Harrow pin
Heat exchanger
Joint in tube frame
Heavy ship plate
Motor valve
Printing cylinder
Badminton racket
Additional Info Chemical symbol for iron (the dominant part of steel) is Fe, atomic number is 26, melting point is 1528 C, density 7.9.
Chemical symbol for carbon is C, atomic number is 6, density 2.3 (graphite).
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